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HEETS GREEN ZING - transforming smoking into something specific and special

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02.09.2020 22:25 | Nickolay

If you are a fan of minimalism, and you want to reach the least possible visual effect of smoking with tobacco flavor but completely get the best, then prefer IQOS. IQOS heatsticks are an alternative for adult smokers who are used to living with taste, care for comfort and for others, and appreciate cleanliness and uniqueness.

IQOS heatsticks, which represent a new era of Tobacco Heating System, are a real find for people looking for alternatives to classic tobacco products. I QOS heatsticks are premium selected tobacco that do not need to be burned for use. Yes, that's right, HEETS sticks allow you to enjoy the natural taste of tobacco without burning, this was made possible thanks to a special production technology and the idea of heating, rather than burning tobacco.

Even the most fastidious tobacco gourmets should like IQOS heatsticks, because their taste palette has many varieties, among which there are both classic options with different shades, and more original tastes with the addition of menthol and fruit and berry shades.

Unusual taste components of IQOS heatsticks have gained popularity recently. So GREEN ZING is transforming smoking into something specific and special.

GREEN ZING is a menthol flavor that is weaker and diluted with a citrus flavor. These IQOS heatsticks are recognized as one of the best among similar quality and somewhat stronger turquoise. GREEN ZING are green labeled and have a refreshing taste. Citrus notes are weaker, and thus these sticks taste like classic menthol. The feeling of freshness does not leave the smoker during the smoking process.

According to numerous customer reviews, this line of sticks is the best, and has a more brought to mind taste. GREEN ZING has become more moderate. Thus, all the tastes of the new line are recommended for purchase for IQOS lovers. This product can be bought online, and soon one can enjoy the pleasant taste and aroma of GREEN ZING the favorite variety of heatsticks.

Choosing this type of smoking, we are moving to a more in-depth level of sensations, so unpredictable and sharp, and that is so breathtaking!



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